Become Business Client

Get LIFE IN THE UK SYSTEM for your college. You will have your own Branding on the system.

STEP 1: Contact on 07703 125 748 or Email us via Contact us.
STEP 2: Pay or Transfer an ONE OFF Set up fee of £500 to the Bank Account (Non-Negotiable)
STEP 3: Click the Subscribe Button to Pay £10 Monthly for Regular Updates & Maintenance
STEP 4: Have your System ready with in 2-3 weeks.


Features & Benefits:
1. You will have your Own College Logo on the Web System.
2. Students will gain confidence as you are training them based on your system.
3. Add Unlimited Users
4. Either Charge them for a Certain Amount of Money for a Certain Amount of Time or give them Free Access. Or Charge them extra while enroling for Life in the UK Training.
5. Monitor, how many users are created and when did they log in last as well as how many times.
6. This is the ONLY system in the entire UK market, where you can get Life in the Uk system for your business with your own Brand Identity.

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